Pintrest Tutorial

In case you are new to the world of pintrest this video might help you. Some people go on this website and do not know which way is up or down. This tutorial will help walk you through the website to help you fully appreciate the fun and usefullness of a great website.




Walls full of fabric, glue, beads, and other crafting needs that could help you out on some of your pintrest projects.

What’s To Love About Pinterest


Laura Grace Weldon’s blog is very informative and interesting. I for one can learn alot from her blog.

Laura Grace Weldon

Are you on Pinterest?

This virtual pinboard lets us create, organize, and share what we find online. Because it’s a visually-oriented site, it attracts us using something other social media sites haven’t done nearly as well: images. While online we tend to be seekers. We look for information, distraction, connection, and inspiration. Pinterest lets us find (and revel in) all these things through compelling images.

The site was launched in March 2010. One of the founders, Ben Silbermann, said in an interview that the idea stemmed from his penchant for collecting. As a child he was particularly taken with entomology. He realized that collecting bugs said something about him, just as any of our interests say something about us. Co-founder Evan Sharp noted that he too was a collector as a child. As an adult that tendency shifted to amassing images in folders on his desktop. So they, along…

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